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Hello all

As of today the current mega bootloader does not work with wdt library and continuously resets my mega 2560 R3.

There have been many posts around this and it seems to have been resolved. However the bootloader in last nights lightly build, both stk500 and prod bootloader for mega does not resolve this issue.

Lastly I have updated the arduino tftp bootloader for Mega2560, this works fine even with wdt.

I have been using it for over a year now, and found several bugs even in the original tftp bootloader.

This is now very stable.

Please advise if someone wants to help test this.

There are some caveats regarding the tftp clients that work. I need to document this and publish it on github. I use linux, and would like someone to help test this from windows and mac, and then it makes sense to publish all the findings and bootloader.

Lastly, please advise if someone know of a "normal usb" bootloader I can use with mega and wdt, I am currently playing with a ESP8622 and am using my usbTiny programmer to test my shield and software,  and cannot use wdt as required to reboot the mega when initialization of ESP8266 fails in setup.


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