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Hi everyone!

I'm new on this forum, but I'm reading it since long ago!
You are great!! ;)

I've made my first project and posted it on my site:

It's my Christmas gift for my little darling!

S.M.S. (Scatola Magica della Solitudine) [in english: Magic Box of Loneliness].

The goal was to give her a present to remember me and don't feel loneliness (when she is far from our city).
The box have two buttons.
Button A shows some random sentences to encourage her.
Button B shows a simple romantic "cartoon", made by animated shapes.

I hope you enjoy it, and it will be usefull for someone!  ;)

Electric scheme:


ENG: I would like to see the cartoon!

ITA: Mi piacerebbe vedere il cartone :)
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Hi! ;)

The cartoon is very simple now, but has an easy and powerful matrix that generates it (made by myself), so it can increase its possibilities.

You can see a short video here: http://saki-tech.tumblr.com/post/509605082/this-is-the-video-of-my-s-m-s-project-in-action
I can't post it directly, but when I will upgrade the code (with a better and more complex cartoon), I'll upload a new video on youtube.  ;)

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