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Hi guys, I made a stepper motor driver based off on reprap version 1.2 stepper driver. I uploaded the grbl 0.51 to my arduino, and now needs help on where to connect the step and direction pin to the arduino. I've tried connecting it to Digital 0, 3 but nothing happens.


Digital 0

What sort of arduino? That pin is usually reserved for serial communications.

There is a config file in that code, it sets what pins to use, what is it saying?

but nothing happens.

It could be to do with things like end stop switches not being wired, or trying to step too fast.


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Hi, thanks for the reply, it's a hand built arduino, a variant of the Severino (S3V3). I haven't modified grbl, just uploaded the prebuilt hex file for atmega168.

I have look at the config.h in the 0.51 branch of grbl, and it is assigned to portc. Which I think in arduino is mapped to analog inputs 0-5. I was hesitant to connect to these ports since they are for analog input; but someone could correct me on this.


since they are for analog input;

Yes but they can also be used as normal digital input and output as well.


Yes but they can also be used as normal digital input and output as well.

Aha! thanks for the confirmation, I'm going to try it when i get home.

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