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Topic: I need some advice on 1st board, craving LED wisdom, PLEASE HELP ME!! (Read 1 time) previous topic - next topic


I want to get an Arduino for the holidayz.

I am very interested in LED programming and exploring the world of PWM as well as multiplexing. I want to learn!!!

What Arduino board would make sense for me to start with. I have an APPLE computer. I would prefer to not have to build it.

THANKS FOR ANY INPUT> This forum is great and I look forward to contributing.


First bit of advice is to make the title of your post less generic. That title could apply to over 98% of posts on this forum.

Get a Uno, good for starting with and easy to replace the processor chip if you blow it up.

A bit of background reading for you:-




thanks GRUMPY, im reading the links now and I changed post title to more accurately reflect intentions. ALWAYZ best to be clear. communication is KEY. thanks again


it seems the DUEM...... board is on sale, might that also be an option, I shant want to pass on a hot deal.


Yes the duemilanove is being reduced at the moment, that is just as good for you.

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