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Hi Guys

Just wondering if anybody would know what is the easiest way to read data from a glucose meter using arduino. I want to read data from One touch ultrameter and not too sure how to interface this with arduino. The ONE TOUCH Ultra Meter supports asynchronous, RS-232 communications via the data port at 9600 baud only.Data are transferred as 8-bit characters with no parity and one stop bit.  Any idea how to go about this? and any general information about UART, RS-232 and the arduino would be helpful



True RS232 signal levels are not compatible with the Arduino - you need something like a max232 chip to convert to the TTL (5V( voltage levels required. It's quite possible though that the device is RS232 like and has already done the conversion. Once you've established whether you need the max232, it's then just a matter of using a serial port (look for Serial in the main site reference) to read from the device. I can't see anything about data exchange on a cursory look at the vendor's site - you may well need to send something to it to request data.


Have you contacted the manufacturer of the meter to obtain the protocol used?
On their website - http://www.onetouch.com/ - there are several PDF's like owner manual and application manual , have you read those?

and a contact form - https://www.onetouch.com/ask-your-question -
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