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I've been looking at certain thermocoupler amplifiers that only have a range up to 1875 F/ 1024 C?
Is there anything that can go above that and read through the Arduino?




The MAX31855 can go up to 1350°C with type K thermocouples.  It uses an SPI interface so it's easy for the Arduino to talk to.
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Type K thermocouples are limited in functionality at higher temps. Often manufacturers list upper limits that are lower than their true upper limits because the thermocouple degrades too quickly at high temps.Most of the 1870 F limits I have seen have more to do with the meters or the stainless casing on the thermocouples. If I were building for higher temp use (above 2200F) and I wanted reliability I would use a type R or some other similar platinum/platinum-Rhodium type device. I am unfamiliar chips. I hope this at least indirectly helps.

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