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i made my own stepper drivers using this from arduino page...

it works really fine



Question:  Is there any specific benefit to using stepper motors instead of gear head motors and rotational sensors?  I have a few gear head motors, but no steppers.

Ooo, and I found a bag of 8 hall effect limit switches in the garage! (courtesy of my grandfather's estate)  STOKE!  :D
What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?



i think the easy way to do the cnc machine is to have a look at the reprap people and study the way they interfaced the arduino on it.... in my case i didn´t  have the stepper drivers so i made my own with the arduino.cc circuit....    

then we noticed the reprap people used for drivers the step/dir format on the firmware, so we  erased the extrusioner codes and aded some mods to the "do step" function....

so, now it works very good with my drivers that uses two pins on arduino for each stepper...



I think you need some more stuff on that table. I can still see the table in a couple of places.


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Looks like my work bench, except with less clutter  ;D

Does the power cord on the tool cause any drag/weight problems? Because of that issue I was thinking of using a cordless on mine and hard-wiring it to a power supply, I figure that cord should be lighter and more flexible than a typical 120v


clutter is the mark of a true genius.

working on my own cnc... so far i've got one a test setup running one axis.  How did you get around the "i can only move one stepper at a time" issue?  is it a choppy movement?


This is very cool!
I want to make a 3d printer, I'm thinking I'll attempt it after college applications are done!


it is difficult to understand but it allways move one stepper at a time, what happens is that it does so fast you don´t notice.... take a look at my code...





The CNC mill threads give me chills.   :o

I've got my motors, limit switches and basic chassis materials.  Need to buy threaded shaft, bearings, slide/guide materials, electronics and random small parts.  And I will soon have one of these.  I can't even express how excited I am to build a CNC mill of my own!

Does the software do 3D?  Or is the z axis only for moves?  I would love to turn some of my daughter's art sketches into 3D wood carvings!! And make my own custom project parts!!   8-)
What about elevensies? Luncheon? Afternoon tea? Dinner? Supper?



You forgot to close your tag!  Now your program won't compile correctly.... ::)


It would on FrontPage. We don't no steenking closing tags. Stupid ass program.

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