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My first project with Arduino + WiShield 2.0

Using my arduino with a wishield 2.0, and returns a list of values from the analog inputs.

Then collecting thoose with my webserver and processes the values recieved.

Can be found here: http://bld-live.dk/?id=16&m=6
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That's pretty cool.  So are you going to use this to do remote monitoring of your home?  Will it eventually be used for home automation?


I am currently messing around with cacti, in an attempt to generate some graphs over the collected data, but so far no luck.

The plan is first to get some charts made, so I can get an overview over what i am dealing with, plus maybe later combine multiple to get an overview over the temps, and when what turned on... and so on...

I also got a K8055 that i am going to use on the same computer as my webserver, so the arduino collects data and maybe controls something, and the program on the webserver also using that data and does some other stuff.
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Sounds like you're off to a good start.  You have some ideas and possible plans for your arduino project.  That's probably the best part, you get something going and then you build on it again and again, or at least until you run out of IO.  Then, you buy a Mega.  I'm not there yet, though.  ;)


I always got too many ideas ;D

Currently I am also working on a C# program, to make logs and charts over inputs, and handle outputs depending on the inputs http://bld-live.dk/?id=15&m=5 might later make something that is a combination of both. Or I am pretty sure that I will get other ideas before that.. but...  ;)
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And I think (and hope) that I finally got the CSV > MRTG script working, so it can start making charts. Cacti is annoying me so much that I am going to let it be for a while.
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Apr 25, 2010, 01:53 pm Last Edit: Apr 25, 2010, 04:41 pm by bld Reason: 1

Here is the program I wrote for my server, it is contacting the Arduino over wifi, and stores the values in CSV format.

Then launches MRTG to generate the chart.

The "Initial delay: 00:02:31" is the time from when the program is started, until next 5th minute, so it will run 00:00, 00:05, 00:10... and so on.

If it fails to connect to the Arduino, it will then wait 10 seconds and try again.
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Apr 25, 2010, 07:58 pm Last Edit: Apr 25, 2010, 11:37 pm by bld Reason: 1
Working on a new, and very changed version of the program.

Had to put tabs in, to make room for the functions.

One of the functions is to build the configuration for MRTG automatically, just select the CSV file and the folders you want to use, and press "Build it" and it will then write the complete configuration, and also the perl script needed to read a CSV file.

My goal is to make it so easy, so anyone without any experience with MRTG can just put the url of their arduino in, and start making charts with just a few clicks.

Update: (25-04-2010 @ 23:15)
Fixed the typo when MRTG is launched.
Offset the trigger to -5 seconds, so it will wait until 00:05:05 as the calculation could make some strange numbers if it calculated on 00:05:00

Update: (25-04-2010 @ 23:35)
Changed the trigger again, moved it into a function that checks if MRTG is running, then calculated the delay after MRTG closes
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Updated the arduino sketch on my site, so it can spit the readings out in millivolts, or volts if you just remove the *1000 from it.
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