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yea proto boards is mainly what I use, I dont have a laser printer, but have 2 of them at work, my deal is with etching is the chemicals

Get different sizes of board, It kinda stinks when you have a tiny project but a large sheet of board, and maybe its just me but I cant ever cut them where it looks good, even with my xacto saw


Indeed.  I also just had the brainstorm that I'll need sockets for my 'mega644s!  :o

Of course, Radio-crap doesn't provide enough information about their 40 pin socket, so I can't tell if it's the .6" wide I need for the 644s (but it doesn't look like it).  Luckily, Digikey has them for 42 cents each :).


Futurlec has the IRFZ44 for 50 cents each.
http://www.futurlec.com/cgi-bin/search/search.cgi (you'll have to put hte IRFZ44 in) - it is listed as only 49 amps, but shipping is only $4 for an order < $28 to USA.

On the PCB - that is not a problem etching neat boards.  I enjoy that - chemicals are easy, just HCl and H202 does a nice job of etching.

Hey, this is fun - making an order and spending someone's money ;D

Ken H>


You're right on the shipping time - that's why Futurlec is ONLY for spare parts bin - not for projects you want "now".

AND you do have to check prices on Futurlec pretty close - sometimes DigiKey will match them...... only some things.

Ken H.


yea I deleted that and hoped no one noticed, Its fine but should be pointed out


If you want a laser printer, one of the best places to get one is from Goodwill; seriously, I have an HP LaserJet 5MP out in my shop (has extra RAM and the PostScript driver cart) that I bought for $15.00 at Goodwill - nothing wrong with it and it came with toner and paper!

If you can, pick up one of these; check its page count (25,000 and under are babies) - HP LaserJet 5 & 6 are workhorses - they aren't fast, but they will last nearly forever. Print the PCB layout on glossy magazine paper (don't bother with the special paper they sell) - there are plenty of other tricks on doing this cheaply; just google it.

Well worth it if you have the need and space for a laser printer (toner carts are only approx $70.00 each, too - they should last for a few years of moderate printing; my wife and I just recently swapped ours out for a new one after the original ran for about 7 years - much better and cheaper than an inkjet!).
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Ran Talbott

that's why Futurlec is ONLY for spare parts bin

Well,  yeah:  if they were fast,  they'd be called something like "Presentlec".

think of it as "truth in advertising"...


@Osgeld: no reason do delete the post, the LONG delivery time did need to be pointed out - takes a LONG time to paddle half way round the world :D

@Ran: now I understand the name, you get your order "sometime" in the future.

Our goodwill here didn't have anything much but old inkjets. Like you, I like my laser (HP P1006) I got for <$80 shipped. I've used mag paper and it does work pretty good - but I like HP Presentation color laser paper better. I did breakdown and order 10 sheets of the Pulsar for $20 shipped - BOY does that stuff work!  It just floats off the copper - seriously, it takes 5 seconds to turn loose and float off.  $2/sheet is too much, but I cut the paper the size of the PCB, and use the same piece of paper several times.  I expect the 10 sheets to last a couple of yrs - I only make 3 or 4 PCB per month.

Ken H>


I have a question about toner: does anything bad happen if you don't use it often? I can't imagine I would print more than a couple of PCBs a month, but I have no idea what the reprocussions are for not using it often..


The toner is just powered plastic beads of very small diameter. "IF" by chance you do have a problem, just remove toner cartridge and shake it real good.  That should take care of the problem. Takes maybe 15 seconds to remove cartridge....  well, that long if it's been a while and you don't remember for sure how to do it :)

I use the laser for 99% of my printing needs now rather than the inkjet.  The inkjet (color) is default on wife's computer with laser (B&W) default on my computer in radio room.  Laser toner is a good bit less expensive than inkjet.

Ken H.


Alright that's what I thought, but thanks for clarifying.

I may have to drop by Goodwill some time and see if they've got any :).


Well, I placed the order :).  Hopefully I got everything I needed :D!


Flux capacitor: 1.21 gigawatts of electricity needed + 88 mph
So it will be one mighty electricity bill ;D


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