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I needed a quick way to write sequences as for syncing lights to music so wrote a web-based frontend that does noting but let you trigger pins 2-13 by interval using a series of clonable checkboxes. check off the pattern you want, with the duration you want and ru it for as many steps as you want and it will return you the code.. Built this in about 2 hours, so expect it to get filled out a lot more...



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Have you ever heard of the magic words for and while?

And, I don't see any sequence in the code your page prints out.

were you trying to do this?

Code: [Select]

loop() {
for (int i = 2; i<=13; i++) {
digitalWrite(i, HIGH);
digitalWrite(i, LOW);

and even like this it is not a good way to write it.
This... is a hobby.

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