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sub'ing to thread...

I used batchPCB before.. wasnt in a hurry.. and things came out good and looked great.

I plan on using iTead in the next few weeks as I have been hearing good things about them lately.

taking this a bit further..

are there places/companies that will 'assemble' pcb's & components for you?  (SMD/SMT) stuff?

Id like to hear of any commercial places that do this..costs and experiences.. (if any)


James C4S

SInce this subject never comes up and google doesn't have any results either, let me add that I've been using Seeedstudio since year 2009. Very happy with the quality of the boards, options, and price. They only test 5 of the 10 boards, but I have yet to find a failed one.

My only dislike is all boards have to be retangular. Some services will route shapes for you, Seeed does not.
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Boards are priced based on their rectangular area, but they most certainly don't have to have rectangular outlines.  I just ordered a batch of extremely oddly shaped boards from them last month.  100% e-test is an optional extra, but not really worth the cost on the smallest available board size.

I haven't tried any of the other services but I've had very positive experience Seedstudios Fusion so far.

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