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That's it.

I'm buying a sparkfun ftdi usb and a avr programmer.


Do you have an Arduino board to use instead?


Please don't put a finger into the open wound...

Using an arduino as a programmer is a CRUTCH at best. You don't want to rip apart a project just to get a programmer if you can get just that for under 20$. Something you just plug in and it works (assuming it is supported by the OS/avrdude).

You can use a lawn mower to get a hair-cut, but I don't recommend it!


But wait.  Shouldn't it be easy?  It's only 5 pins.  No soldering.  It's easy to remove the whole Uno board from a project.  I don't want to burn the new chip bootloader, it's already done using Uno.  It couldn't have been simpler. 

I just want to upload a sketch.  You're saying using a Uno is inappropriate?  Too complicated? 

Well you're right it doesn't work.  But neither does my Sparkfun Xbee dongle.  Would that be a better solution for me?  Why doesn't that work?

You're saying I need to try 3 completely different pieces of hardware to be successful?  I think the problem is my PCB soldering.  Or am I forgetting something totally obvious?


I'm not saying it is rocket science... but why make your life difficult? Especially beginners seem to think it is actually easier to use an arduino that way. Why???

If stuff doesn't work, you usually eliminate unnecessary complications and parts of unknown trustworthiness. If you want to use an arduino as a programmer you need to add a resistor to kill auto-reset (because we weren't given a simple switch/jumper for that) - or depending on the hardware revision you need to use a capacitor - or it doesn't work at all... this goes on forever. Maybe you even toast your (only?) arduino board in this process. Duh.

A programmer does just one job - and it is usually good at it. Some of them are even quite affordable. It's simply the best tool for the job. End of story. I would only use an arduino as an isp programmer at knife-point on a deserted island facing imminent death.


I have no regrets using my Uno to burn the bootloader.
Because it worked!
Took 2 minutes including soldering!
The instructions were simple, there was no confusion.
This is what an ISP programmer does?

Should uploading a Sketch be even simpler?

Is it possible to change fuses with 2 Uno's?


can i use UNO for programming 3.3v  mini?
and if a use CP2102 what i must choose  programmer type from ArduinoIDE ?


Counterfeit FTDI chips, maybe?

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