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Perhaps I'm too anxious: I picked up my UNO yesterday and I stayed up until 3 a.m. trying to find literature on how to reprogram it as a mouse device. Either there is nothing out there, or I'm looking for the absolutely wrong thing. I'm just itching to make this work as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, I have no idea where to begin; all I can find is the not-so-helpful suggestion, "advanced users can turn it into a different kind of USB device...".  ::)

I've been playing with arduino off and on for a few years - I can't believe everyone else isn't as excited about this as I am. Why isn't everyone banging out tutorials on how to make arduino mice with the UNO's capabilities?

I'm not at all opposed to learning and putting in the effort - sometimes I need some help finding the start point. :)

Does anyone have an suggestions for where I can start? Is LUFA the place to begin?

**edit** I considered putting this under FAQ because it's the only question I can possibly imagine anyone having about the UNO ;)


Think that lufa is the place to start looking for clues.


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Thanks wortelsoft. I'll have a look at both and see if I can get anything happening.

ant.b, that's very helpful. Thanks!

Has anyone gotten their Arduino UNO to behave like a mouse using this approach?


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not yet.


I have updated my last post with an example of an usb-joystick for arduino uno.
You can easily adapt this to get a mouse (use LUFA_100807\Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Mouse)


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