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Arduino n00b here.  I am trying to write a sketch that will read an analog input and provide two outputs.  For example, When A4 goes high, D8 would go high and stay high even when A4 goes low.  When A4 goes high again D8 would go low and D9 would go high and stay high even when A4 goes low.  Repeat.  One output is always the inverse of the other.  It would be like a virtual latching relay.  I built a circuit using a 4027 but I would like to use the Arduino so I can better adjust the timing parameters.

Any help would be appreciated.


A good start is to post the code you have now. State what works, and what doesn't.  In describing what doesnt it is useful to explain what happened versus what you expected.

That said, why are you using the analog inputs to read a high or low?  That sounds very digital.
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