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I tried searching for this for quite sometime now and haven't read any suitable answer (or perhaps it was already answered, I just didn't get it). I'm guessing this is a pretty stupid question, but here it goes: would it be alright if I use a 9v battery to power Arduino and then have that same battery connected in parallel to a battery charger?

The project I'm working on is a typical home automation project where the arduino is connected to a relay board and the board connected to a light bulb. What I'm thinking is that I power the arduino with the 9v battery while its turned off, and then when it is on (in a predetermined time via arduino) powers a smart charger which then charges the battery and powers the arduino. Is that feasible?



Is that feasible?

What is the charger like with a battery across it but with no power on the input?
You might have to put a diode between the charger and the battery to ensure nothing happens in that situation, but then again you might not it depends on the battery charger.


Thanks for the quick response! One last thing, how can I test if the charger is doing anything while it's off? Can I simply use my multimeter and check if it draws any current? And can I do the same thing to check if the charger is indeed switching off if the battery is fully charged?


Yes put the multimeter in series with the charger to see current flowing in and out.

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