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Hi all,

It's not the greatest of arduino projects but i came up with it in chemistry so... ;D

it basically changes the pitch on the reading of the potentiometer. Incredibly simple and great for people just finished the LED 'Phase'

Code: [Select]
 Uses a potentiometer to control the pitch of a speaker.
 The circuit:
 * Potentiometer with middle pin connected to analog pin 0
 (with other pins connected to ground and +5V.
 * The speaker connected from digital pin 8 to ground.
 Created 5 May 2010
 By Jacob Simpson
 Based on an idea for an 'Annoy-a-Tron' customised for Arduino.
 // Constants won't change. They're used here to set pin numbers:
 const int potPin = 0; // Potentiometer connected to Analog pin 0.

// Variables will change:
 int val = 0; // Variable for reading the potentiometer.
 void setup()  {
 void loop()  {
   tone(8, val); // Play tone on pin 8 at the frequency set by the potentiometer


Your example is missing the part where you read the pot's value?



Just tried it and it doesn't Seem to work, any way I can change the code?


Where do I start . . .

Define your analog pin as in input,
Read the input from this pin,
scale it to the tone function.

All the info is available in this forum, as well as in the reference supplied with the IDE download.

;) Hope this gives you some pointers.


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Try this:

Code: [Select]

void loop()
 val = map(analogRead(potPin), 0, 1023, 100, 1000);
 tone(8, val);

You can play with the map() values (the 100 and 1000 numbers).

More info here:


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