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Anyone experience with Arduino + hibernating XBee? It seems that when I wake the XBee up after some time, the serial connection re-establishes and makes the Arduino reset. Correct?

I want to prevent this of course, so I could place a 120 Ohm resistor as described here:

But later on I'll be using an Arduino FIO... How to prevent resetting on that one? And before modifying the hardware, I just like to make sure this resetting is normal behavior. Here is a simple test-loop I made on a Duemilanove:
Code: [Select]

<program loop>
digitalWrite( sleepPin, HIGH ); // zzzz
delay( 15000 );
// Wake up call
digitalWrite( sleepPin, LOW );
delay( 8000 ); // Give it some time to wake up and find the other XBee
Serial.println( "Stinky cheese" );
delay( 8000 ); // Give it some time to send

<Restart the loop (and thus fall asleep again)>

This code will send the message to the other XBee, but resets after that.

About those 8-second delays, do I really need that much time to re-establish a connection and send something btw? The Arduino should run on a battery later on, so power-saving will be important. If I make the delays 7 seconds for example, the Arduino will also reset, but on top the XBee doesn't send the message anymore.


I am also curious about this. 
Is it possible to wake the XBee without resetting Uno?
Your link says the 120 ohm resistor is not possible for Uno...

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