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I've seen the same thing advertised from a Chinese supplier.  I inquired on more details about this and from what I received, it appears that that particular LPD8806 strip would be provided with a 5V power supply rather than a 12V power supply.  Their documentation and advertised specs are for multiple types of strips that can do the same type of thing. 

The only reason I did not order from them though is trust.  They did not accept payment using a credit card or PayPal.  They wanted me to wire them the money.  And even though they are a gold supplier on Alibaba for 2 years, I don't have enough trust that the product would be delivered.  And by paying using a wire transfer, I would have no recourse.

If this is the same supplier I saw and you decide to try them out, let me know how the transaction goes.  I was going to purchase 10 meters at a cost of ~$140 including shipping.


I saw the new 32 pixel/m strips and considered buying some but currently have no project for them. 

Post some pictures and/or video if you have a chance, please.


I'll be ordering 10m of the 52pixel LPD8806 strips later this month.

$17/m vs $13/m for the 32pixel model.


Also keep in mind different sites have different manufacturers.

I order my first 5M from http://www.solarbotics.com/product/6052 (Adafruit reseller). And the color order is RBG using the LPD8806 library and default example code.    Someone on here helped me reverse them in the lpd8806.h code to make it work

I ordered another 5M from ledlightinghut.com of lpd8806 and this strip is NOT backwards.. it's the correct RGB order using the default library and code.

This makes using these strips together impossible without coding them separately.

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