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Author Topic: Frequency / period counter  (Read 8002 times)
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is there any way with this library to get Hertz in a decimal?
I need accuracy up to about 850Hz, to calculate engine RPM.
Having hertz only as a whole number is reducing the accuracy.

change the freq to be float iso long wouyld be the first step ...

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Is there a way to run 2 instances of this counter at once?
I need to measure 2 discreet frequencies.
One can be an interrupt, the other would have to be with polling (as my other interrupt pin is doing another job in this project).

I try and compile with;

FreqPeriodCounter counter(counterPin, micros, 0);
FreqPeriodCounter counter2(shaftPin, micros, 0);

but it throws up errors as all the variables (counter.hertz, counter.period etc etc) are being defined twice.

Can I copy the library files to another one, call it FreqPeriodCounter2, and add a 2 to all the variable names? Would that work??

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