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I am looking for some guidance. The end goal is to have a USB powered LEDs (rgb) react to ambient sound. However, I don't want the LEDs to be so "hard". More like a LED lava lamp reacting to sound, depending on the sound, activating the different rgb spectrum. IE: if you are having a conversation with someone near the device, it's reacting  -- the LED colors are slowly changing.

I want all the processing to be done locally, again. I am moding an old Nintendo Gamecube, and looking to add something fun and interactive. I plan on adding a USB hub inside, want wanted this new audio interaction to plug into one of the ports. The LEDs would light up the gamecube.

I have been searching for a while now, and maybe I am just not using the correct terminology.

Some videos for reference, but not exactly what I am trying to do:

Thanks for your help,


Consider controlling the LED with PWM  - http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/PWM - http://arduino.cc/it/Reference/AnalogWrite -

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Search for color organ.


I used this:

To PWM EL-wire.  Very cool!
Except sometimes the frequency of the PWM interferes with the AC and causes it to flash badly.
I mean it looks bad.  So I skip some of the PWM values and choose which ones look the smoothest.
It looks like a Lava lamp, just as you want.
It is much easier to do this with LED's, because you wouldn't have this interference problem.


All -

Thank you very much for your input and responses. It has given me a much better defined search on what I am trying to achieve. Have a few things on order and the tinkering begins :]



Hope to hear from you when all things work - or sooner if more questions arise ;)
Rob Tillaart

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Some interesting things can be done with the PWM driving LEDs, specifically in getting a smooth transition between LEDs. Using "analogWrite(pin, lvl)" where pin is the digital output pin and lvl is the desired level (0 to 256), rather than turn the LED on "hard", increase the brightness by ramping up the value of "lvl".

for (lvl= 0; lvl <= 256; lvl+=1){
     analogWrite(pin, lvl);

The basic loop might react too quickly so slow it down using an interval and delay...

for (lvl = 0; lvl <= 256; lvl+=5){  // ramp in step intervals of 5
     analogWrite(pin, lvl);
     delay(10);  // delay 10ms

Play with the step interval and delay until you get what you want.

You can do the opposite to slowly dim the LED.


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