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Ok, the Radio info should be published by the end of the month.
Anyone is free to talk to the satellite, it is publicly knowledge.


My Mentor is working on writing the documentation about the satellite... I Hope.
These will soon be made public.

Here is the G-1000 Version 7 completed.
Anyone want one?

Bah, anyways next I will build an Ethernet version, tough I might use an ARM.

I am already working on a cube sat using arduino and a payload for a 2 mile high rocket launch.

On my agenda is also a CAN bus or I2c bus H-bridge for an electric go-cart.
Possibly an ac-relay box for Christmas lights :3
Anyways, I have a lot planned. Stay tuned!

Shawn Jones

This is great. I have been playing with arduino, and AVR's in general for a while now. I am also a licensed amateur radio operator. Go and get your license, it's a lot of fun. Keep us all posted on the details of this project, I would love to make contact with the satellite.

Keep up the great work,
Shawn, KJ4KNW


awesome stuff :)

when is the launch? :3
B-dui in creation.

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