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Ok, the Radio info should be published by the end of the month.
Anyone is free to talk to the satellite, it is publicly knowledge.


My Mentor is working on writing the documentation about the satellite... I Hope.
These will soon be made public.

Here is the G-1000 Version 7 completed.
Anyone want one?

Bah, anyways next I will build an Ethernet version, tough I might use an ARM.

I am already working on a cube sat using arduino and a payload for a 2 mile high rocket launch.

On my agenda is also a CAN bus or I2c bus H-bridge for an electric go-cart.
Possibly an ac-relay box for Christmas lights :3
Anyways, I have a lot planned. Stay tuned!

Shawn Jones

This is great. I have been playing with arduino, and AVR's in general for a while now. I am also a licensed amateur radio operator. Go and get your license, it's a lot of fun. Keep us all posted on the details of this project, I would love to make contact with the satellite.

Keep up the great work,
Shawn, KJ4KNW


awesome stuff :)

when is the launch? :3
B-dui in creation.


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OK, here some news!

It will be on mission STS-127.
Launch is  June 13.


Check again?  You say "may June 13", is that the month of May or the month of June?  STS-126 was launched and landed in November 2008.



ah yes, wikipedia says ANDE-2 payload , so STS-127 is correct.

A shuttle mission? Great! So it is an Arduino on a space shuttle :)


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My bad may was my mistake
The wrong shuttle mission was my mentors type >.>

Thanks for clearing that up.
I hope to see the launch but apparently it more like... a political thing and someone like me, even tough i have a payload on the shuttle, will have a hard time getting a place to view it.

Maybe some people are interested in viewing the launch? We can watch as arduino enters space!

I added some more info on ANDE :)


"one small step for man, one giant leap for... Ardu-kind"


Any updates?

I just found this mission updates rss feed:


Well the launch is tomorrow!
It will probably be a week or so until the release the payload.

Doesn't give me much time to finish my ground station hu?

The g-1000 is available for perches, Working on the web site.

I have fixed all the bugs i could find in the firmware and have example software made.

Other then that I am not sure if my mentor has published the public info about tracking the satellites yet.


Info for other ground stations would be great. He did not contact me about the ground station in Aachen yet.


he is like that >.>, ill beat the info out of him!

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