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Yea they don't have proper certificates. Don;t worry about it, your not sending any sensitive information are you?a
It is just not a properly signed cert.


The Goldberg-1000 is ready to be produced!
We found one problem with the code and have fixed it, we forgot to add an auto-stop if the rotor gets caught!
With this added and our months of testing, we feel it is time to release it!

Here is the RTM board:

Thanks for all of those tracking Pollux and Castor!
If you have any questions please ask!

I have some graphs of the data if you are interested.  


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Are either of them still up and running?

Never mind.  I answered my own question.


Hi guys, sorry I'm late to the party...

Was anyone able to collect telemetry data from either satellite?  How current are the TLE's?  It looks like Pollux is decayed and Castor is still up...  


Oops sorry looks like the TLE's for Castor are as recent as yesterday...

1 35694U 09038F   10134.16770768  .00062420  12905-4  14304-3 0  3723
2 35694 051.6379 021.6508 0003600 098.6805 261.4610 15.97612265 45617

But no more Pollux?   :(

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