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Hello everyone,
I have been working on my project with the HC-06 Bluetooth device and was trying to get the current consumption of the device but it´s kind of wierd what am getting on the oscilloskop. am trying to understand what the bluetooth is doing I uploaded some photos and would really appreciate it if u can help me to understand them.


Hello everyone,
I have been working with the HC-06 Bluetooth device and was trying to get the current consumption of the device. can any one help me and tell me how can I measure the current consumption of the device.
I would really appreciate any help


Check the datasheets. I think it is 8ma running. If current consumption is a matter of interest, I guess you shouldn't be using an HC-06. The options are, a BLE device, or perhaps an HC-05 bare module with the LED disconnected.


You measure the current consumption of anything by breaking the circuit and sticking your ammeter in the gap: ie, the meter must be in series so that the current the device draws is the same as the current through the meter.

Trick is not to blow the meter if the current is too high, so make sure the meter leads are in the holes for a value higher than you anticipate, with the meter dial on an appropriate setting, and work your way down to get the right order of magnitude.

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Hm, well after the merge and with the 'scope traces surely your question is different: 'scopes show voltage not current, so is your question to do with volts or amps?


am trying to get my current through reading the voltage on the scope cause I have a known resistor value on my supply voltage, I tried to do it with ammeter but the value is fluctuating so i can´t get agood reading


Maybe you need one of those meters with a "max" function (not sure what that's actually called?) that would show the peak obtained while connected.

N_P thinks about 8mA based on datasheets.  That's a 1/3 or so what you would typically get through an LED, but why is this a concern?



My HC-05:
40mA when pairing
20mA when paired
2mA when sleeping

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