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I have upgraded existing code with previous modifications to expand measurement range up to 50 Ohms and to make this ESR meter autoranging in the range of 0-50 Ohms which should be more than enough range for the ESR measurement. The code is included in the attachment and on the schematic you have to add one more PNP transistor with the same configuration as Q1 but with the 1k resistor instead of 100R (1k is for upper range measurement). Pinout in my sketch version is different in order to match my board so you will have to modify it according to your board settings.
Any comments/suggestions are welcome...


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Hello everyone, and thank you for sharing your work.
I built the ESR meter using an Arduino UNO and a lcd display CDL4162-HD44780.
My version can work in two ways: with Arduino UNO connected to the board face down, and in standalone mode.
In the first case, only the bottom side of the pcb is required (single side)
I also added a function that allows me, by selecting the right value of the DUT, to know immediately if it is good or not.
BUT there is a problem: If I measure a 1ohm resistor, the reading is quite correct, but if I measure 150mohm or 75mOhm, the reading is totally wrong.   :smiley-eek:
Is there anyone who can help me? Thank you. :~


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You need to post the code you are using and the schematic of your hardware before someone can help you.


... 10 downloads of the attached .zip file with code, images, schematics and PCB design...

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