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Here is a shield I built for my Uno. It has a resolution of 0.02 Ohms. I'm currently finishing the video for the code demo/explanation on how it works.


Next I plan to simplify it a bit more and add a basic function generator on a shield designed for the Due.

I would like to thank Tim and his Visual Micro project. Using his add-in to program and debug the Arduino software made it easy.



Did anyone work on getting this to work with nF range capacitors, or to a resolution of mOhms or better?

What sort of time window is it taking to do the measurement for you guys?


is it  possible in this scheme to measure the capacity of the capacitor?
If so, by what formula?


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Can anyone tell me if this ESR can be used to test in circuit caps?




I built it as originally designed but to challenge myself I used all SMD components. The .1uF cap (0603) was a challenge as were the TO-23 cased transistors but it works just fine.

I used an Arduino MEGA 2560 and had to modify the code a bit. For those who have the MEGA and are using a standard 44780 2 line X 16 char LCD do the following:

LiquidCrystal lcd(6, 5,  10, 11, 12, 13);

comment out the setLEDpin lines - they dont work with this display
also   analogReference(INTERNAL1V1);  //setting vRef to internal reference 1.1V

INTERNAL won't work on the MEGA - you must add the specifier "1V1" to the parameter.

This was indeed a fun project. I learned alot from building it. Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your next one.

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