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Hi, I have an msgeq7 set up according to the specs which shows a .01 uf cap in series with the input, I noticed the low end frequencys don't respong as well as the high end, could a cure for that be to use a larger cap? Like 10uf? Does an electrolytic cap work in this scenario since it has a polarity and audio in goes with and against it constantly, which way would it go?


Yes, the response may be only 1/2 the numeric value in the low end.  You can easily fix this with software, just multiply the value by any number you like!


The only problem with that is it will also multiply the noise, I have so if the value over 20(out of 1024) it will light up an led in a pwm range of 20/255
I've found if I go any lower the noise is a problem dimly lighting my leds when it is silence
and it does reach the peak value at times, so I don't want to multiply the whole thing, its more when there is real low bass that is not picked up
what size cap do you think would be best?


LPF RC filter with R= input impedance = 1MOHm, and C =0.01 uF has cut off freq.:

F = 1 / 2 x PI x C x R = 1 / 6.28 x 10^-2 = 15.9 Hz

So, cap's value is correct, changing it for bigger 'd not get any difference


Subtract 20, then multiply by N.  Check to make sure it's not over 1024, which should be rare in your case.

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