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Hi gang... =)

I am waiting on a few things to arrive (as far as pre-made shields..etc)..

however I am curious if I can start playing around with .wav playback (even in a crippled or not great sound quality playback fashion)

I have odds-n-ends for components.. caps/resistors..breadboards...switches..etc..etc

I have soldered a 90 degree header pin to an SD card adapter so I can read my micro SD cards with/through it..

I have wired up the SD card as seen in most of the tuts/links here.. (using a resistor approach to logic/level shift the 5v to 3.3v for the sd card)

I loaded and use both SD library and the sdfat library..  both loaded and read card info (and all cards I tried) perfectly..

I loaded some of the sample sketches and ran them.. again.. everything seems 'fine'...

I would like to try and play a simple .wav file on the SD card with a button press  (simple project goal)  :)

However I have no DAC.. (never even used one before.. and dont know anything about them really)..   

******(side note: if anyone has an  average, no dual, common, breadboard friendly version of a DAC to recommend.. Id appreciate it for easier testing)

That being said..I do have some lm386 amps laying around still.. and a RadioShack amplified speaker...  (or even a regular old hobby, non amplified speaker)

I guess Im asking for some pointers in the next direction to keep learning chipping away at this. (please no stupid or snarky comments..constructive help/comments please)

1.) where do I begin to read/play a .wav file from the SD?

I saw the wav shield page at Adafruit.. and found the waveHC library... (AF_Wav in your Arduino IDE >> Examples)
but it seems to have an OLD date? 2008?  Still the (public) 'library' of choice for this?

Some help on what I need next to be able to hear the audio (at least in some fashion) would be appreciated and also any suggestions on code samples or newer libraries.



There is an 8 bit software wav player that should work for you. I forget the name but if you search here for "cylon pumpkin" you'll find a project where i used it.



I'll search for it.

Hopefully get back to messing with this over the weekend.

by 8-bit do you mean PWM audio output?

Also..(looking for ward a bit)

Can you/anyone recommend a DAC to be used? (cheap and decent).. for breadboard use? So I can couple it with an LM386 amp..and try to produce NOT PWM audio output?.. or having to convert the .wav files to anything?

Lastly.. anyone know of or use a nice library for .wav playback? form SD card? (not PWM or anything that requires you to convert the .wav files)



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