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Hey all
I had originally built an Arcade Stick with push button activated LEDs before.
At the time, this made me happy, as time went on, i wanted more!

i decide to build a standalone arduino and a few 595 to create a progammable LED mod on my arcade stick

1. the LEDs are custom PCB with 2 5050 RGB on each, colors independantly addressable and support for both common anode, or cathode based on orientation of the 5050, resistors on the PCB

2. female machine headers on the LED PCB inserted into the arcade buttons

3. custom harness for quick disconnect

4. the standalone arduino

5. test fit

6. the rats nest :P

7. the result (this is the deafult program)
1x button = blue

2x button = green

3x button = red

cross row = cyan

8. i have an external reset to flush the eeprom and then based on button input you can select one of the 7 programs

9. i have rebuilt my code so that now i use the far right buttons as program select and program run, video soon


That's pretty awesome. Where did you get the clear arcade buttons?


these are Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm Pushbutton

in the US you can find them at lizard lick

if overseas, i like to use http://www.akihabarashop.jp/
they have more colors


Those are awesome! Maybe I can adapt this idea for my current project..


i now updated the code with EEPROM enable and using buttons to iterate through programs available

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