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I have a working setup of 32 rgb leds, two chips per color. I was wondering if it would be easier to somehow rewrite the library to have 3 S-inputs (one for each color). Or would I have to connect them all together in series and have 0 -31 for red 32 -63 for green and channels 64-92 for blue.

I want to expand it to  192rgb leds but that will require 36 chips but it looks like the code is limited to 16 chips. Is there anyway to expand this?

Thanks in advance!


Which "the code" are you talking about?

How often do you need to update each LED?
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I want to expand it to  192rgb leds but that will require 36 chips

The problem here is that cascading so many chips you run into fan out problems, that is the number of inputs any one output can drive. This means you will have to have buffers driving the common lines split up into groups of 10 or so.
One way to get round this is to use multiplexing but the LEDs are dimmer unless they can take more current. This is my project for using 64 RGB LEDs using only three TLC5940s.



Is my setup and I I have a rainbow pattern working but after a few minutes it starts flickering as shown here.


I know I should make a function to simplify the code but I"m not that advanced yet.

Thanks Grumpy Mike thats a great idea to control many leds with fewer chips but the information would have to be the same. I guess it would be a trade off.


I slept on it and I think the erratic behavior is because I need a higher current voltage regulator.

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