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Author Topic: Getting Started w/Sparkfun MIDI/Musical Instrument Shield  (Read 1677 times)
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Greetings all.. 

     I've been breadboarding, hacking, and building for a couple years now and have finally gotten to where I'm ready to do something with all the shields I bought for my Duemilanove, but aside from blinking an LED, I've not done much with my Arduino.  I'm still a bit timid and just need the proper push to get the ball rolling.  I have Sparkfun's MIDI breakout board and Musical Instrument Shield, but can't seem to find the starting point.  Obviously I could stack the Musical Instrument Shield on top of the Arduino, but where exactly do I go from there?  I copy and paste the example code into a sketch and upload it to the Arduino, but then..  uh. 

     And I've got a ton of MIDI capable instruments (SPD-20, Dr. Sample, Dr. Rhythm, MicroKorg, etc), so I'm really excited to get started, I suppose I'm just overwhelmed with possibilities.  Thanks for any and all help/advice. 


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So you obviously don't need the Arduino to generate some music, but you could build something completely different, like:

- Let the Arduino listen on the midichannels and if a high C is detected start your coffee machine - C from Coffee makes sense smiley-wink

- make a Midi echo device - listen to Midi and play the same notes

- let it switch on the light above your sheet music, after notes detected and switch instruments off after 1 minute of no notes.

Especially the last one is usefull imho, someone gets a phonecall, does something different and forgets the light and keyboard etc..

enough inspiration to get started?


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