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Hello everyone !
I was trying last days to find a logic analyzer for Arduino to debug a weather transmiter . After a lot of searches on the net I did find something but not for ATMEGA328 . It was a code writed for ATMEGA16 and with a software useful for reverse engineering protocols .
The original software use a serial communication 9600 bps and 4 digital inputs that can be recorded .

I was trying to modify the original software for ATMEGA328 - 16 MHZ and at this point , this is what I could do .


The big problem is that only one channel is working . I did not had time to find why . Maybe if anyone in here is interested and have time could take a look and try to figure out what is the problem .

Bye !  :)


But ...
"As my life is getting more and more busy lately, i decided to give up the source codes for the scanalogic solutions, with one and only condition : "any modified version should be hosted only on ikalogic forum". "

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