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Michael Lewis

This is a nit, but isn't the 328 in the new Uno reference jpg (from the Hardware Web page) 180 out?  It's label up, but it should be label down.  I only say this because as a newbie, I studied the previous Duemilanove image before I would even apply power.  If I saw the main chip in backwards, I would have probably freaked!

Jonathan Oxer

Sep 27, 2010, 02:14 pm Last Edit: Sep 27, 2010, 02:15 pm by jonoxer Reason: 1
I noticed that too when I first saw the photo, but assumed that the chip itself was oriented differently on the Uno compared to the Duemilanove. But no, I just checked the Eagle files and it does seem that the MCU is inserted backwards on the board in the reference pic!



Probably to confuse pirates ;)


Well as it is an Open Source project and anyone can legally make clones, there is no such thing as pirates.


yes there is - you can recognise them because they wear an eye patch over one eye and have a parrot on their shoulder. Arrrr



I've asked someone to take a new picture.  I hope we can get one up soon.


New picture is up.  You might have to hit reload.  Let me know if I missed any copies of it.

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