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Fashionable terrorists in this century use cellphones or electronic watches. Get with the times!

The casio isn't that easy to find and now the cell phone displays randomly light up.
Consider the daffodil. And while you're doing that, I'll be over here, looking through your stuff.   8)


Yes, all those terrorist websites like Ebay, Amazon, hobbytron, and Estes. Just use the commercial fireworks/rocket igniters. They're cheap, safe, and legal.

At $2+ each plus postage, maybe not that cheap.

If its for a movie he's not going to need a lot of them. $2+ postage is a lot cheaper than a visit to the emergency room when he lights his hand on fire trying to make something out of matches and lighter fluid.
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Electronic props for Airsoft, paintball, and laser tag -> www.nightscapetech.com


I didn't catch the patch of gasoline or something part first time around either. That's red flag territory.
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