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I am having a bit of trouble with the setup presented here.

I made it to work and I got accurate readings but I can't measure fast speeds. If I power the photocell to 5v I get nothing. If I power it to 3.3v it works.

The thing is that when I power everything up and the photocell is covered or in low light conditions I get a lot of values around 10000 microseconds. They are so many that I can't read the test I've done. If I light it up, the values stop until I turn off the light and than display the desired value among the other 10000 microseconds values.  

To partially solve this I've made a small change to the code. Instead of the
Code: [Select]
if(duration != 0 )  

I wrote
Code: [Select]
if(duration > 10000 )

This blocks everything under 10000 microseconds(that's 1/100 for shutter speeds) and I can use the tester for slow speeds with good results but obviously this is useless for faster speeds because it blocks them too. I can't test anything faster than 1/90 on my shutter.

This is my first arduino project, btw.
Help would be appreciated.
Thank you!  


Kind of figured it out. This code does not give accurate readings for high speeds. The higher the speed the greater the error. The OP's values for the 1/400 are proof of that. Keep this in mind when you decide to test your shutters.

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