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i got a specialize product that work in a serial fashion,
no start bit, 128 bit of data and no stop bit.
There is a trigger input and after that the device send me 128 bit in a stream at 240K baud exactly 4 microsecond per bit.

I cannot use the Asynchronous serial port because, it can probably only be program for 5 6 7 or 8 bit
any idea how i should do this?
Thanks for your help


Seeing as 128 bits is equivalent to 16 8-bit bytes, there's nothing stopping you from just reading the data with the UART.


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Can't use a UART, it will strip start and stop bits.

I think you'll have to bit bang your own serial.

How to you know when the data stream starts? Is the first byte a known value or something?

EDIT: "There is a trigger input", just reread that.

The algorithm is simple enough but maintaining sync over 128 bits might need some work. You may have to resync on edges.

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