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While not entirely done with arduino, it's played a big role in this.
Documentation at http://racer.sputnic.tv

Project is in beta 0.2 and will continue :)


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This is insane in a great way! I wish to sit on that driver's seat.
Now, the driver's console seems shaky and unstable. It makes me thing that something could be used to feed back the car's condition to the driver so if the car flips the driver really feels it.
Maybe add a light sensor at the finish line to capture lap time.
Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter


I love it! I want to play it! Too bad I can't!  :'(

You need to add a tunnel or two, plus a scoring hud or timer? Maybe a ramp (ooh - analog Stunt Drivin'!)...

Wow - this is a great thing - I really like it!

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Now I'm really interested in the result of this. I hope things like these will spread, it really looks really great so far, though the camera easily gets inteference.


Wow, great idea and also great execution. I really like it :).


So cool! Where is located the game? I have to try it :)
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