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Hello guys I have two boards one arduino BLE Shield and Blebee all of them version 1.
So when I use arduino ble shield with ipad and iphones I get the whole message wihout problems(Uno).
But I want to use atmega2560 threw hardware Serial.
So I connect BleBee with atmega2560 at baudrate 9600(default), but when I send message to ipad or iphone lets say for example the message is M* I only receive *.
My connections are as follow:
(Blebee)pin 1 -> VCC ->3.3V
(Blebee)pin 10 -> GND
(Blebee)pin 2 -> TX -> atmega2560 RX
(Blebee)pin 3 -> RX -> atmega2560 TX
Is there anything I am missing,do I need to connect another pin to wake up the board or something ?
Any help will be deeply appreciated.


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Hi, do you have a link to the BleBle shield?  I thought TX was pin 1 and RX was pin 0 on the Uno and the Mega. Please note that the AVR, the USB chip and the BleBle shield may all be using the same serial port which may cause issues.

If using Software Serial on pins 2 and 3, we only managed to get this working reliably at 1200 baud for the Bluegiga WT12 Classic Bluetooth module but this was a few years ago. Have you also tried this USB dongle http://esdn.com.au/Products/USB-BLE112.html


Now I have CC Debugger and I need to setup the blebee to work at 19200 baudrate,but all blebee firmware files are at 9600.
Can someone explain me how to build Blebee version 1.0.0 for 19200 baudrate inside hardware.xml files because when I try to upload project its giving me erors so I am only able to upload .hex file inside the device.
When I send string from the IOS device to bluetooth I receive the whole string when I send "tes" from COM port threw arduino IDE I get only "es" inside LightBlue any idea how to upload the new firmware with the baudrate and fix that issue that RX pin have ?


Did you figure this out?
I'm trying to change the baud rate on 3 BLEBee's as well. I'm at 9600 now and really only need 38400.

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