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Is there anybody who has any idea about using of ADXRS453 with Arduino?
I purchased it 4 months ago but still waiting. Could you help?


Did you manage to get this working? Very beginner at all this and it would be amazing if you could share all the code you have (even if it doesnt work 100%)


This is an expensive device,  so remington would be your man .   I am not familiar with it.

The datasheet seems fairly clear.   It seems to be a conventional SPI device.  You send it a command,  and it sends you an answer.  The command syntax seems gratuitously complicated,  but the explanation is clear enough.    Make sure you pay attention to any obligatory mode settings.    Some devices will just start outputing data as soon as you power them up,   other devices require you to actually send them some information to get them started.

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