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Hello... I've recently had some luck with some arduino projects and am now looking to do something more functional.

i have an old TV set remote control, and an infrared receiver... I'd like to be able to point my remote at the arduino, push a button, and have it so that the arduino knows what button was pushed and sends a MIDI signal through the USB and into my audio program of choice to be used as a MIDI controller.

I'd just like a nudge in the right direction.

i've found info on outputting MIDI data through a standard midi port, into a midi device... but thats not what i want to do.

haven't really found anything on how to send MIDI data directly to the computer from an arduino.


alright... since no one responded to my post so far, i continued to research ways to do this... so far, i found this page which elaborates on how to set up the arduino for midi signals being sent through the serial USB connection...


with that, i was able to set up the arduino to send the midi signals...

also, I've found a good page for getting the IR signals from infra red remote controls to use with the arduino...


now that i have these, i am sure that it is possible to get the IR signals to use with the arduino...

what i should be asking at this point is how do i have it so that when a certain IR signal comes in, a MIDI output is sent through the serial connection.

I'll look elsewhere on the forum and online for an answer in the meantime, but any help would be appreciated.


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