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HI: Could you please post the code for the video out? I'm working on a sound unit to play when a viewer crosses a sensor. And, what kind of sensor are you using? IR? Any suggestions? Thanks kindly, :)


Hi ProfAnita,

Only just revisited this post so not sure if it's still relevant to you ... but, the code I was using also had audio (which I didn't post because mine was silent). I can post it if helpful, so that you can take out the bits that apply to you. Alternatively, I ended up using a relay switch to trigger a DVD player when the viewer passed a sensor. It was a bit clumsy for my installation (since there was a symbol from the DVD player that appeared in the projection whenever the switch was triggered), but since yours is purely audio, this might be a good workaround for you.


Also, thanks to all those that posted replies. I've been using MaxMSP for the past few months and only really tried Processing once before but feel I want to learn to code, so am getting into Processing alongside learning C++. Just wanted to say how great it is that this is available open source.

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