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I wonder if I can connect 2 motor controllers (L298N or whatever) to 1 Arduino. Basically I need to be able to start and stop 4 motors, some would run in parallel based on sensor readings, the sensors will be connected to the Arduino. Any suggestion as to how to wire up 2 controllers would be much appreciated.


What kind of motors are you talking about? brush DC motors or steppers?

It also depends on the type of controller you purchase. Some are "4-wire controllers", most are "2-wire controllers" which use 1 PWM pin to set current level in the motor and use another pin to set motor direction. To hook up 4 DC motors you would use 4 PWM pins and 4 non-PWM pins (they don't HAVE to be non-PWM pins, but they don't need to be). The remaining details really depend upon which motors you're using, their current levels, your choice of controller, etc.

FWIW, we have some instructions on rewiring our Rugged Motor Driver to allow you to stack up to 3 drivers on an Arduino to control up to 6 DC motors or 3 stepper motors.

The Ruggeduino: compatible with Arduino UNO, 24V operation, all I/O's fused and protected


Thanks for the instantaneous response. I was thinking about using these:

They are 2A per channel and I need 2.5A for some high torque DC motors, and I will wire the motors to both channels of each motor controller. l need to control only the speed, the direction will be constant.


Uhh...I don't know about that one. The description says "This shield can be directly mount onto standard Arduino Duemilanove and Arduino Mega" but the picture does not show a product that can mount onto an Arduino. It's a standalone module. In fact it looks a lot like (but not identical to) this guy:


This comes with a lot more documentation :)

The QuadRAM shield: add 512 kilobytes of external RAM to your Arduino Mega/Mega2560


Yes, it does not mount, I guess it is a cheaper Asian knockoff. My question is targeted towards understanding if 3 motors or more could be controlled simultaneously (two running in parallel) as I would need the TX/RX pins for a bluetooth module to vary the speed through a smartphone.

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