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There is a new beta of the free Arduino for Visual Studio addin by Visual Micro. The new version is compatible with Arduino 1.0 and also with earlier Arduino versions.

The addin provides seemless edit, compile and upload for all arduino projects whilst maintaining full compatibility with the Arduino/Processing structure.

All of the features available in Arduino 1.0 are available in Visual Studio.

This includes:-

  • Adding Libraries

  • Burn Bootloader

  • Compile

  • Upload (Serial or Programer)

  • Optional tools for library and core developers

Other useful features ensure high speed compilations, automatic intellisense, multiple serial windows and many more

Read more at http://www.visualmicro.com

Sorry the picture shows arduino 0023 code :)

Arduino for Microsoft Visual Studio Pro and Atmel Studio 6.1 http://www.visualmicro.com
Arduino Debugger http://www.visualmicro.com/post/2012/05/05/Debug-Arduino-Overview.aspx

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