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Well, not really the good section maybe, but I ran into this and since posting new threads in the 'News' section is not possible (anymore?) I will do it here:

Made by Evil Mad Scientist Labatories.
Say hell-o to Diavolino. Yes, it's yet-another Arduino compatible board, but it's cheap and kind of neat. Simplified design, rounded corners, and shiny. Open source kit. You can get one at our store

Diavolino: http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/diavolino


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Hahahaha, great artwork. Looks really cool. Price seems ok.

In my opinion they should have included a 5V regulator by default. Well, it's easy enough to add one ;).


That's a cool (hot?) kit! I love the design, the red LED, and the "bare minimum", but still an Arduino, so shields will work. The bare essentials, so to speak.

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