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I want to use my arduino to tell if an LED is on or off on a different electronic device.
I don't want to use a LDR because ambient light will affect the reading, is there a way that I can connect the arduino to the LED leads and use analog read to tell that the LED is on/off without affecting the LED?

Something like ...
Arduino A0 connected to LED +
Arduino GND connected to LED -

then somethign like...
Code: [Select]
if(analogRead(A0) > threshold){
// LED is ON
} else {
  // LED is OFF


Sounds like something that should work. If the device drives the LED with 5V (and include a resistor) you better measure over the resistor and the LED.
You could then use a "simpler" digitalRead(PIN) instead resulting in HIGH or LOW.
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Thanks robtillaart,
Good call with the digitalRead() that sounds like a better approach than analogRead()


Don't forget to connect the grounds of the two systems together or it will not work.

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