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I'm working on a project for my camera. I need to be able to release water drops at the precise times, an example of this would be this setup from glacialwanderer:


The problem is I cannot get hold of one of these solenoids anytime soon, and it will be pretty expensive. I have tried making a device using a speaker that would "pump" the water out from source above into a syringe head below. Attached is a rough drawing. This is working fine for air, however because of the flexibility of the speaker's membrane the vacuum is quickly lost and the water just flows out. I also don't have the tools needed to make the necessary components for an actual solenoid valve. Has any one faced this kind of problem before? Any ideas how I could get this to work with water?



Maybe use less water and make your exit point smaller.  The surface tension of the water may keep it from going through a smaller hole without help.


did you try an s or p trap for the exit so that water doesn't flow out - kind of like a sink drain works?

have you thought about attaching a nut and threaded rod to the syringe head and attaching a motor to the threaded rod - so you could pulse the motor forcing water out the exit hole?


@ JacobChrist: I have tried that and it works to an extent, the problem is once the surface tension is broken I can't seem to get it to stop slowing. I am about to try making the surface tension stronger by adding salt to the water, I really hope that this does it!

@ pantonvich: I have a s trap in the tube from the supplying syringe to the lower dam. It has helped but not completely. Are you saying the motor would then screw the threaded rod into the nut to close, and out to open? I am not sure this would be fast enough as the purpose is for the water drops to collide. But nice idea  :)



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