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Thanks for the replies!

@ MonkeyKnight: That might work well! I'm going to give that a try during the day and let you know how well it works.

@ PeterH: The drops have to be fairly large, I already have a system for single drops. I have an Arduino set up with light, sound and vibration senors. Depending on the light generated from the action I am trying to capture the shutter is either left open in a dark room and the flashes are triggered via the sensors. If there is a lot of light I have an IR LED which triggers the shutter. In this particular case I am trying to get easy collisions. Here is a link:


@ Chagrin: Great idea but I would need the ball to go back almost instantly?

Thanks for the help! I am going to try out all these ideas during the course of the day and let you know how it goes!


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Solenoids usually are electromagnets that are optimised for long travel distance.

If you can get a reasonably-sized relay you may be able to use it's mechanical movement.

Every automobile has several small plug-in relays, "headlight relays" etc.  They run on 12 VDC. Find a scrap yard. I would not recommend *Midnight Auto unless you are under the age of 12...

EDIT: * Sorry, dumb wise*** comment. "Midnight Auto", back in the 50's was stealing needed car parts from some other car, around Midnight. If you were caught but were underage, you didn't go to jail...   Sigh...
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Thanks for the help! Luckily I managed to find a far larger syringe for the top, one that is used to medicate livestock, my device now works pretty well and using the Arduino I can now control drop collisions with less trouble! And avoided ordering a solenoid  ;)

@ terryking228: Thanks! I will defiantly have a look into that next time. I am not sure I understand what you mean about the age thing?

Thanks again!

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