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Cool, thanks.
Now I just need to remember what that part was good for!
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Author of TM1638 library has expanded to support the TM1640.


I'll test tomorrow and let you guys know.
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I ordered mine from DX while ago, but only this part was missing from the package? Damn!

Good to know about the TM1638 library, that it supports TM1640 too. Their combination as a display might work, even that they are completely different colors. Yellow was the one I was missing so far...

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Note to self: "Damn! Why don't you just fix it!!!"


The module I received was red as well.

Anyways, it's working great with the updated TM1638 library.

Here's it running off of an ATtiny85 :)
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Could someone please, explain me how a single IC with 24 pins, can address 16 7-segments displays?
You need to individually address 128 LEDs, how do you do it with just 24 pins?

Do each display have another IC or what?

I do not know much about electronics, but I think I know enough to understand this...

I have been lately using the WS2801 driver to make something like an ambilight system for my PC screen using processing, an Arduino, SPI, WS2801, and RGB leds, I have 25 independant RGB LEDs to achieve a nice ambilight clone, but this... how does it work!?!?! I did read the TM1640 sheet, but I still do not get it.

PLEASE!!! some one explain me!!

Thanks in advance!!

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