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I am looking for small quantities of British Telecom Analog (BTA) left and right hand sockets (receptacle) to connect to some sensors with the corresponding plugs:


The first two pin-out diagrams depict how the two plugs of opposite handedness are used. I looked in a lot of places including ebay and ebay.uk and farnell. I am just not finding them. I figured I must have used the wrong name when searching. If I try to search American phone jacks in digikey I probably won't go very far compared with keyword RJ11.

A cable looks like this:


So for someone in UK, what do you call these plugs and connectors?
Where do you buy these connectors?
Where to buy them in US?

Big thanks!
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Is this the one:

If you are desperate to have them in small quantities, just order the samples. Probably maximum 10 pieces. Just don't abuse the sample service, they'll get pissed soon after that.  :D

And another same alternative:


Do you need the raw connectors?  If not, perhaps a UK to US phone adapter would work:

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Thanks guys! FYI, I am looking for jacks not plugs.

Here is one I found:


Strange how the pins are bent towards the jack's opening?! Any regular ones like this?

Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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