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A related question: what do you do when you order a cut-reel of something?  For example, when I order 100 SMD resistors, they are cut-reel, meaning I get a paper strip (sometimes plastic strip for things like capacitors or some Atmels).  So what do you do?  Do you take them out and put them in the respective bin?  Do you leave them in the strip and just roll the thing up tight to fit in the bin, or cut to fit the bin.

Definitely keep on the strip, strip still in the bag with the part number... Life is too short to sort out SMT components that have got mixed up!   I also cut the strip down as it gets used up, otherwise I've no idea how close I am to running out...
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Hi Peter

I have tried numerous systems, but at the end of the day they usually taking up too much space for the volume of components to be stored.

Right now I am trying Craft Mates Lockables
The pictures online does not do them justice

I purchase mine from Michaels, they are in the bead section.  Price is very reasonable.

2 basic box sizes 2xL and 3xL in strips of 1x7 or 2x7 containers
They are clear, so easy to determine what is inside of a box
They locking mechanism is interesting, I am still getting use to them.  Very tight at start, you need to get one lid open, then the others are easier with one open. 

Fully sealed, so no risk of components migrating between containers (they were meant to hold small beads).

The box sizes are just right to usually hold about 25 small pieces (LEDs, Transistors, etc).  Sadly, the 3xL will not hold resistors without cutting down the lead length.

I keep similar components e.g, transistors in one strip.  Makes it easier when getting components.

Resistors are stored in the 2x7 cases, all the n x1K in one strip, all the n x10k in another, etc.

Hope this helps.

Regards  Bill

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